"I really appreciate the freedom that Dan has given me in updating and modifying the CHVAGO web site. I maintain another web site which is much more frustrating because it is handled through a marketing company. There is no way to alter the supplied template, so I am stuck with certain design features that I don't like. Also there is absolutely no technical support. So it is a real blessing to be able to email Dan a note and be confident that all will be well."
Susan LaGrande, webmaster

"Dan Long has set up and maintained numerous professional and personal web sites for me over the past seven years. I've always found Dan to be highly responsive, quite knowledgeable and very personable. He is a pleasure to work with."
Greg Miller, Gregory Miller and Company

"Dan Long created my website over 7 years ago and has been maintaining it ever since. He stays on top of the Internet marketing trends and always comes to me with new ideas, not only to improve the website, but also with new ideas about how to market my singing career. However, what is most important to me is that Dan is reliable, honest and trustworthy."
Jenny Lynn Stewart, soprano

"Dan Long has provided excellent website services for my company, Westco Media, and for our website, Gettingyourmoneysworthnyc.com. His website design is attractive and, most important, extremely user friendly. In servicing our site, Danís response is immediate, efficient and always on target. We can recommend his services enthusiastically."
Judith West, Host, Getting Your Money's Worth / President, Westco Media